To celebrate forward-thinking artists, entrepreneurs and creative leaders, Artsphoria by AKH Publications spotlights talented innovators who energize our daily lives. From artisans to dancers and chefs to photographers, Artsphoria has expanded the pages of this online magazine, specializing in personal media and communications services. 

Artsphoria develops customized advertising displays, original articles, news briefs, Q&As, reviews and more for a global audience. In addition, instructive articles for entrepreneurs as well as inspiring stories about artists and innovators are published in other international, national and regional publications. 

Raise a glass to those determined to live the creative life, as they make positive contributions in the arts and business worlds!



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Featured Samples
Peter Muller-Munk Associates, Designer; Graflex, Incorporated, Manufacturer; Super Graphic 45 camera, 1958; Carnegie Museum of Art, Richard L. Simmons Acquisition Fund

Silver to Steel: The Modern Designs of Peter Muller-Munk
November 21, 2015–April 11, 2016
Carnegie Museum of Art

Encounter the bold, stylish allure of Peter Muller-Munk’s most successful designs in Silver to Steel at Carnegie Museum of Art. The industrial designer and his eponymous firm designed stylish, modern, highly-functional products—cookware, appliances, tools, and devices—during America’s booming mid-century years. For scores of national clients, his designs tapped new markets, refreshed century-old brands, and employed materials and methods, new and old, to refine production and improve user experiences.